Different car rental plans that you should know of

Every person has different needs as well as their style of living and doing things. This also applies to rental cars. There are many car rental companies and each one of them have different plans for their customers. The plans are mostly established to be able to meet customers’ needs and retain them as well. If you haven’t tried car rental before, this is the best piece for you as it will guide you in finding the best car rentals plan suitable for your travel needs. Here are some of the car rental plans available for your sake

Pay per minute plan
This is one of the most common car rental plans that you should know of. A customer who goes for this kind of plan will be charged according to the duration of the time they stayed with the rental car. If the charges are 0.5$ per minute, it means that the charges of hiring the car will be $30 per hour. When hiring, you should know that the charges are exclusive of possible taxes to be paid.
Hourly paying plan
This is also another plan that is being used by many exotic car rental dubai companies. Just as the name suggests, here the customers are charged based on the hours they have spent with the rental car.
Distance packages are very common especially if you are traveling as a team. In this type of package, the customer will surely be charged depending on the distance traveled.
Daily charges
There is also a daily charge plan for those who are comfortable with it. This plan is very common for people who rent a car for at least a night. The rental company calculates the distance covered in a day then decides the rates. Know the daily charges of exotic rent a car dubai deals before renting

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