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The aged discrimination in workplace usually occurs in people over 40 years; in those cases who suffer from discrimination feel limited and restricted in their workplace.
Discrimination is understood as the unequal treatment that a person is given or receives compared to another; many reasons generate discrimination, age, sex, and racial origins are usually one of the main causes.
This is more common than we think, many times we do not perceive it since it usually occurs in a slight and very subtle way, but it occurs very frequently.
In most countries of the world, some laws apply strong sanctions to those who commit acts of discrimination in any of its variants; the United States has been one of the countries that most severely apply punishment for this cause.

So much so that due to the strong discrimination at the workplace level that thousands of people aged 40 and over have suffered, the well-known ADEA law was born, which protects from this discriminatory variant.
Age discrimination at work level occurs because many people consider that as of 40 years of age, an individual’s mental capacity has been reduced, that is, they underestimate thinking ability, there are many prejudices and stigma at work level considering that from this age onwards one is senile.
There are known cases where an age discrimination attorney has been needed in people of 35 years; it is very common that at this age, there are limitations to find a job.
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