What are the signs to know the foundation damages?

Signs of Foundation damages

If there is a problem at the bottom, the top will show it. This phrase will be suitable in the case of foundation problems. If your foundation has some issues, it will show up through your floors, walls, etc. Once you see a sign of a foundation problem, you should consult with a foundation repair contractor. You can easily find a contractor with a Google search of foundation repair dfw.In this article, let us discuss some of the signs that will indicate the issues with your foundation.

Signs of foundation damages

Wall or Floor cracks

You would have seen some cracks on the floor or brick walls. These are due to the damages in your foundation. Due to weather conditions, floods, earthquakes, or water leakage, your soil will contract or expand and make your foundation to move. This movement is responsible for the cracks on your floor or wall. If left unattended, these cracks may cause dangerous problems.

The sinking of the foundation

As the name suggests, your foundation may sink into the ground. If the soil under the structure contracts due to weather conditions foundation sinking will happen. You will notice that one side of your building is slanting down. Poor quality of foundation materials can also cause this foundation sinking.

Molds on the walls

You would be familiar with black molds on your walls. If there is moisture content underneath your floor due to pipe leakages or other reasons, it will pass on through your walls to form molds. So, you can consider molds as a sign of foundation damage.

Foundation upheaval

In contrast to foundation settling, here the building will start moving up. This is due to excess moisture in your foundation due to rain or leakages that make the soil particles to expand.

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